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It usually takes time for a blockage to build up before it completely blocks. Therefore, as a property owner, you should be aware of the signs that will tell you that your drain is about to block. Here are some of the signs that will tell you that your drain is about to block.


In most cases, when your drain is about to block, you will notice a strange smell coming from the drainage. The smell could be due to some of the blocked particles beginning to rot. This is usually the first sign of blocked drainage before any visual signs begin to emerge. Therefore, once you realize any unusual smell coming from your drain, do not ignore it. Consider looking for a professional plumber to come over and inspect the drain and remove any particles that might be accumulating in the drain.

Slow drainage

If you notice that your sink, shower, or bathtub has begun draining water slower than before, then this is a sign that the drain is about to block. You will begin to notice that water accumulates over the open drain and that it tends to drain very slowly as compared to when it was before. This means that particles have started accumulating within the drain and with time, it will be blocked if not attended to by a professional.

Water levels

This applies mostly to the toilets. If you see the water level inside the toilet bowl dropping over time, then it means that the toilet drainage is about to block. Also, if you flush the toilet, you will notice that the water inside the bowl will rise and then drain slowly. If you notice this, then you should ensure that it is inspected as early as possible in order to prevent total blockage.

Unusual sounds

Most toilets, sinks, or even showers usually produce gurgling noises when there is a blockage. This is because the water struggles to drain away freely meaning that there is air trapped within the pipes as a result of the blockage; hence it is displaced and pushed up through the system.


The above are some of the most common signs and causes of blocked drains. Therefore, if you tend to encounter any of them, then you should immediately call a professional plumber to come and take a look. This way, you will avoid a situation where the drain could block completely making it hard to unblock it, and also it will cost you a lot of money.

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