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Pratt Plumbers is the name homeowners across the Perth area have trusted for more than 60 years. When you need award-winning, reliable, professional plumbing services, contact us, the plumbers you can count on.

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    Quality plumbing at an affordable price.

    We aim to provide you with parts and service that will last you for years. We source quality parts and fixtures that are made to last.

    Address: 64 Norma Rd BOORAGOON

    Phone: 93305600

    Mobile: 0418 921 151

    Mobile: 0403 243 293

    Email: info@prattplumbers.com.au

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    Providing the most reliable and efficient plumbing service, without compromising on quality or safety.
    Mon - Fri
    7:00 - 16:00
    64 Norma Rd BOORAGOON

    Frequently Asked QuestionsFAQ

    I have water leaking from my storage hot water system?

    Unfortunately this means the cylinder inside has corroded and needs to be replaced with a new hot water system.

    Expected lifetime of a storage hot water system?

    Usually hot water systems last between 5 and 7 years, unless it is a Rheem Stella which has a 10 year warranty.

    Why do my drains gurgle?

    The drains are in the process of blocking and in most cases will need to be cleared by a drain machine as soon as possible, ideally before it blocks completely.


    Contact us now to get quote

    Contact us now to get quote

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