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If you are looking to ensure a continuous supply of hot water for your home or business or want your home to be warm and comfortable during the winter months, we are the preferred gas installers in Perth. For years, Western Australian home and business owners have relied on our full range of gas hot water systems. Contact us right away to learn more about our advanced gas leak solutions, all of which can be customised to suit your existing infrastructure.

At Pratt Plumbers, we want to help protect you and your family and friends from the dangers of a gas leak, and early detection is a crucial factor. As a result, we’ve put together a guide to assist you to detect and repair a gas leak.

Do I have a gas leak?

Most importantly, as we mentioned before, if you think you already have a gas leak, you can call us for immediate service. Before doing so, try opening a few windows to provide ventilation. If there is a gas smell in a basement, leave the property. To make sure you’re always prepared, our What to Do If You Smell Gas guide will walk you through the steps to take on your property to help ensure you stay safe in the event of a leak.

External gas leaks can come from underground pipes that are used to transport gas to buildings. If you are outside a property and smell gas, there is likely a leak, and you should contact the professional.

A faulty or improperly installed appliance often causes a home gas leak. The leak tends to come from the plumbing leading to your appliance. If you have verified that the appliance is off, for example, all the cooktop knobs are in the off position; a hose failure is likely the reason for the gas leak.

To help minimise the risk of a gas leak caused by a faulty appliance, it is vitally important that any appliance you have installed is done by a certified Pratt Plumbers gas engineer and that a gas safety check or service is performed regularly. Before you start working, check Pratt Plumbers website to see if they are accredited.

When there’s a gas leak, what does it smell like?

Due to the addition of mercaptan, gas leaks may also be detected by scent. Gas is an odourless product by itself, but it is given an artificial odour to make it more detectable. The injected substance is called mercaptan, and it gives off a strong sulfur odour, which some people say reminds them of rotten eggs. This gas smell is instantly recognisable by most people and potentially provides the most apparent and revealing early warning of any gas leak. If you smell this gas odour in your home and cannot immediately identify the source, you likely have a gas leak.

Gas plumbing and leak detection in Perth

Pratt plumbers is a Perth-based company that specialises in gas plumbing and leak detection. Hire the experts at Pratt Plumbers to ensure the safety of your gas connections and repairs.

We patch gas lines and connections the same day. Our gas plumbers in Perth have been qualified and certified to provide quick and secure service.

Pratt plumbers can professionally connect any new gas appliance you need to plug into your home. Contact us for indoor gas plumbing needs, such as a new gas heater.

We will also look after all of your needs for new gas line installations outside of your home. If you want a new line for outdoor gas barbecue, we will provide you with a professional and safe gas line installation.

We can arrange a professional and safe connection to any new gas appliance you need to plug in and around your home.

Trust the experts of Gas plumbing services to make sure your hot water system is working correctly. We have gained years of experience and information to ensure that you receive the best possible service. Finding a gas fitter in Perth will no longer be a hassle. Contact us for efficient gas plumbing services.

Who to call to repair a gas leak

We know that a gas leak can be a stressful time, so preparing for the possibility in advance should help make sure you know exactly what to do. 

When it comes to repairing faulty appliances, the work must be done by a registered gas engineer. Since gas leaks can be potentially fatal, these repairs should be done as soon as a problem is identified before the main gas supply is reconnected to the property.

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