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22/02/2021by admin

Many people waste their hard-earned money by buying cheap and nasty items that will let them down or use the most affordable handyman they can find to fix that problem. Irrespective of your project, whether you are building a factory, renovating your bathroom or kitchen, the cost may soon increase. Still, it will make alterations and maintenance if you have selected an inferior quality product that looks good but leaks or stops working after a few uses. Even your choice of plumbing service providers can affect the result; why do we know this? Because we are continually getting calls to come and replace dodgy products or poor artistry! If people had chosen wisely, the frustration and extra costs could have been avoided. Don’t let us fall into this trap and make the right choice by hiring us; with the vast product knowledge and 60+ years of experience in the plumbing industry, why wouldn’t you choose us and benefit from our expertise so basically get it right the first time! We are committed to helping you with all your plumbing needs for efficient plumbing and plumbing installations. Seeking the right answer at the right time for the problem beforehand will save you time, money and frustration! Your time is significant to you and delivering the quality result in I minimum duration is our expertise, that’s why we turn up when we say we’re going on time! Pratt Plumbers has been counted on to provide quick, courteous and reliable plumbing services in Perth. As soon as you see a leaky pipe in your home or business, call us. We assure you of prompt service delivery as we get the request.

Our Plumbing Specialties:

  • Major and general plumbing installation, repair & replacement
  • Drain cleaning
  • Fixture repairs and replacements
  • Kitchen and bath remodels

Pratt Plumbers services all types of clientele, from residential homeowners to multi-story residential units. From small restaurants to extensive industrial manufacturing facilities. There’s no work that is too big or too little for Experienced Plumbers like us. If you need a new faucet-mounted or an entire house replicated, you can rely on Pratt Plumbers to do the job as per industry standards. We pledge to provide genuine, reliable service, at fair rates to meet your needs.

We are available to service homes and businesses in Perth and other parts of the country. You may expect a friendly voice on the phone to listen to you when you call us; work carried out by a duly licensed plumber; and, finally, a guarantee of quality work.

We at Pratt Plumbers know how important our customers and we are a completely customer-centric company, and we always provide good reliable service. The way we do business is continually being updated to give you the best service in the industry. Our number one priority is customer support, and we never forget that our clients are the reason we are in business! Contact us today and witness the magnificent difference. Please view our photo gallery and look at our work, a sample of remodelling and redesigning projects. Our satisfied clients review testimonials. 

Pratt Plumbers is built on the service principle to the customer, with calls returned promptly and emergency service that lets everyone know that the solution to any problem or question is just a phone call away.

Our distinction will be the quality of service we bring to our customers. Accurate knowledge of our trade combined with ability is what makes us and our employees true professionals. By maintaining a safe and productive workplace, we offer our employees the opportunity to take pride in their work, gain skill through the challenge, and prosper with our growth. Before they begin their work, we encourage you to ask them to present you with their license. This should be a regular exercise no matter who you hire. A request shows that you are dealing with a professional.

We specialize in plumbing, heating and remodelling. 

We are a small plumbing company that offers good reliable service with a wide range of skills that cover most plumbing aspects in general; so, our plumbing services can meet your plumbing requirements, large or small, regardless of your needs. Over time, we have built helpful contacts in the real estate industry. We have established relationships with other businesses that have given us a good source of contractors that we would only recommend through positive feedback that can also help make your project successful.

 Be rest assured when dealing with us as hiring us will fix all your plumbing requirements. We take projects from even a small problem like a hole fix to complex problems. We are a reliable and trusted plumbing services providers in Perth. Try our service once, and we’re sure you’ll never have to look for any other Perth plumbing service provider.

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Contact us now to get quote

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