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22/06/2020by admin

If you have ever woken up in the morning and realized that your sink faucet has been dripping overnight? Then you know how frustrating and worrying it can be. Some of the leaks may seem to be a small issue that only appears on the surface. Regardless of what you may think, these leaks can also be an indication of a major underlying problem.

It is advised that you seek help as soon as you spot any leaks. As much as it may seem to be a simple issue, you never know what is causing these leaks. A professional will diagnose the problem and come up with the right recommendations. Failure to take action on time will only lead to damages and expensive repairs in the future. It is easy to find professional plumbers by looking at important qualities like their experience level, cost, and how long they have been in the industry. 

The most common causes of these leaks include pipe damage, water pressure issue and climate change. 

Pipe corrosion

Just like your garage door or even the car, water pipes tend to age as time goes by. Rust can also form in the pipes. This corrosion will affect the effectiveness of the pipes slowly by slowly. Eventually, it will create a small opening and this will result in leakage. The most common signs of corrosion are warping and discolouration. If your plumbing system has been functioning for over 30 years, try as much as possible to do a replacement. 

The types of materials used in the construction of the old pipes are not resistant to corrosion. Newer pipes, however, are corrosion resistant. 

Seal damage

When installing the plumbing system, the plumber uses watertight deals which connective fixtures like sinks. With time, these seals can degrade. As a result, leaks will start appearing on the surface. If you notice any sign of water leakage around a kitchen appliance, then it is a clear sign that a seal is damaged. 

High water pressure

Pipes can only sustain up to a certain amount of pressure depending on the size and type. The more the pressure, the higher the likelihood of damage is. At times, the pressure can be too much, causing the pipes to burst. You can also spot a periodic leak when you turn off an appliance. 

Drastic temperature change

When the weather is extreme, i.e. too hot or too cold, the pipes with go through contractions and expansions. This will impose too much tension on the pipes. The results are the pipes expanding and contracting simultaneously. This eventually creates leaks, cracks and in worst cases, bursts.

Untreated drain clogs

Clogs are among the most annoying things you can experience at home. Just as leaks, most clogs can easily be taken care of, but the stubborn ones can also be a sign of serious underlying issues. At times, the clogs can contain toxic chemicals or corrosive materials that can also damage the pipes leading to leakages. 

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